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Love It or Leave It?

When I was a kid, the nightly news was filled with images of the Vietnam War and the ugly protests against the war that were raging around our country. Although the pictures were disturbing, I would sit and watch the evening news with my dad any chance I got because I...

Your Words Still Matter

A little more than six years ago, the second post I wrote for this blog came after a mass shooting that targeted a congresswoman, Gabby Giffords. Six people died in that attack, and Giffords suffered serious brain damage. Today, a man in Alexandria, Virginia, opened...

Honoring a Dream

A couple of months ago, I got the chance to spend the day at the new National Museum of African American History and Culture. It's beautiful, fascinating, troubling, and inspirational. And it reminded me that the battle for justice has been long and...

Want To Be an Academic Editor?

Freelance editors can find many opportunities to work with academic writers and publications. But if you don't have multiple advanced degrees, you may wonder if you have anything to offer a scholarly writer. Or you may be reluctant to tackle academic projects because...

Losing More than Memories

I was privileged last week to participate in an intimate meeting with Julia Brownley, the woman who represents my area in Congress. It was an honor to be able to shake hands with Rep. Brownley and then sit down with five other women to discuss an issue that is near to...

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Tammy was a pleasure to work with on my manuscript. Her honoring of my voice was top notch. She entered my story so thoroughly and went above and beyond to make my words shine brighter than I could h… Read more
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