I can’t believe my good fortune to have found Tammy to edit my nonfiction book. I had narrowed down my editor search to ten; then I took advantage of their free sample offers. Nine of the editors were okay. Tammy’s edit, however, really showed her strength for detail and content development. I was absolutely wowed. She suggested, for example, how to improve the Introduction’s hook, added sentences that clarified a paragraph’s thought better, and deleted unnecessary words. She also mentioned that her paid editing would include correcting my endnotes to match CMOS guidelines. She did so much more in the sample edit than the others. No hands down; she won! Hiring her was the best move I ever made. She made my writing more effective, and I remain totally impressed at her editing gift. I highly recommend her and will use her for my next book.
Janis Hutchinson, Author, The Joshua Project: Three Biblical Strategies To Strengthen Your Children and Grandchildren’s Faith Using Your Personal Testimonies