Editing and More

Heavy Lifting

Yesterday, got a notice that I had received a package, which I assumed was the herbal products I had recently ordered. I was so convinced that I was retrieving my herbs that I didn’t even look at the return address on the box as I signed for it. But on my way to the car, I realized the package seemed a lot bigger and heavier than I had expected.

Looking more closely, I realized the return address on the box was not from the herbal supplier in Austin, Texas, but from Reformation Heritage Books in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Suddenly, I was much more eager to open this package: “my” Puritan book had arrived.

For several months last year, I spent a good deal of every day editing an enormous manuscript on Puritan theology: close to half a million words, thousands of footnotes, hundreds of bibliography entries, scores of names and titles and dates to keep straight.

And now all those words, all those files, all those notes have been pulled together into one hefty hardback. I spent much of my career editing six-inch newspaper stories and 25-page journal articles, so I’m excited to play even a small role in a process that culminates in 1,055 printed pages and a book that weighs close to five pounds.

Thanks to authors Joel R. Beeke and Mark Jones and Reformation Heritage managing editor Annette Gysen for giving me the chance to participate in a project that will not be easily tossed aside. I have to admit, of all 1,055 pages, my favorite one is the “Acknowledgments” page.

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