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Happy Punctuation Day to You!

I havent managed to produce a blog post in the past couple of months because Ive been thinking too much about other writers works to think for myself. But as an editor, I just couldnt pass up a chance to wish everyone a Happy National Punctuation Day!”

What? You haven’t heard of National Punctuation Day? Dont worry; many people (including me) have beenpreviouslyunaware of this event established by Jeff Rubin less than a decade ago.

To remedy that situation, take some time today to learn more about this important holiday by visiting the NPD website: http://www.nationalpunctuationday.com. Here you will find pictures of common punctuation marks and instructions for how to use them, a recipe for the official meatloaf of National Punctuation Day, information on entering the 2012 presidential
 punctuation challenge, and a photo with more than 1,000 words worth of punctuation irony.

Why isnt National Punctuation Day a paid holiday for all editors and proofreaders? I dont know the answer to that; I just know I have punctuation issues awaiting my attention. So, until editorsand punctuation marksget the respect they deserve  its back to work for me!

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