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I admire writers and editors who diligently update their blogs and keep adding fresh material. I know how hard regular posts can be, which is why I’ve not been nearly as active on this site as I planned to be when I launched it a few years back.

Karin Beery at Write Now Editing maintains the kind of blog that I sometimes dream about running. It’s well-organized, well-designed, well-written, and filled with helpful information on a variety of topics. She has wisely created a number of recurring themes and brings in informative and entertaining guest bloggers on a regular basis.

She also includes a regular writer and editor interview session–and this week she included me! It was fun to answer her thought-provoking questions and even more fun to see my answers go live on Karin’s website.

Take a look at Write Now Editing’s most recent editor interview: you might learn something new about me–like how I got my start in this field or my favorite books about editing and writing. You’ll also get a peek at my new look. (Similar photos–and maybe even a related blog post–will eventually make their way to this site.)

But don’t stop with the interview–check out Karin’s extensive blog and her beautiful website! Believe me — making it look so easy is a lot harder than it looks!


June 2, 2016

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Tammy Ditmore edited my book, The Quest for Distinction: Pepperdine University in the 20th Century. It was a huge assignment, requiring skills that set her apart from most professional editors. She re… Read more
W. David Baird, Dean Emeritus of Seaver College, Pepperdine University

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