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Staying Power

Last summer I proofread a book that taught me a lot about aging and how small adaptations can make regular houses safer and more comfortable as we get older. Staying Power: Age-Proof Your Home for Comfort, Safety and Style by Rachel Adelson has now hit the shelves; you can find out more about the book and the idea of “aging in place” from the Staying Power website.

If you have followed this blog for long, you know this topic is close to my heart. My father suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and now resides in a care facility. I learned a lot about aging and the difficulties involved in home care as I watched my mother try to care for my father in their home for several years as his memory and judgment declined. So I was thrilled to get a chance to participate professionally in the process of creating a book that offers ideas to help reduce or eliminate some of the problems my parents encountered.

Many people I know are encountering these problems in their own lives or when they try to care for aging parents or relatives. Staying Power can really help you find practical solutions to make houses safer and more comfortable—without turning a home into a sterile, industrial-looking set of rooms.

Check it out; no matter how old you are, I bet you find at least one suggestion that you will want to try in your own home!

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