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Looking to a New Year

New Year’s resolutions have never been my strong suit. Well, keeping resolutions has never been my strong suit; I can make resolutions with the best of them.

Nevertheless, as we begin 2012 and eDitmore enters its second year, I’m going to make a few resolutions and hope that making them visible to the whole wide web will make me more accountable about keeping them.

  • I resolve to find a way to meet with other editors and writers in person. I love the community I have found through email and list-serves and social media, but it would be nice to have some face-to-face contact every now and then.
  • I resolve to get a Twitter account and figure out how to use it.
  • I resolve to learn how to use macros in my editing.
  • I resolve to build better boundaries between my work and my post-work life. And to have a post-work life.

That should give me plenty to strive for this year. I’ll try to update my progress here in this space. And I’m willing to accept all handy tips or information to get me moving.

So, let me just finish by saying: Happy New Year! May your 2012 be full of work and play and may you be filled with joy and contentment.

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