Coming Up: ACES

I’m packing (OK, thinking about packing) today for my trip to the 17th National Conference of the American Copy Editors Society in St. Louis.

This is my first trip to an ACES meeting and my first trip to St. Louis, so I’m experiencing a double dose of anticipation, even while fretting about what to pack and worrying about how my family (OK, the dog) will manage without me.

I’m excited about seeing a new city and hoping I have time to explore just a little.

I’m excited about the chance to learn new skills and brush up on some old ones.

But mostly I’m excited about the chance to meet like-minded souls who also worry about whether you should hyphenate like-minded and whether souls is really the right word for the mood I’m trying to set with this sentence.

I can’t remember the last time I stood in a room with dozens of people who make their living (or try to make their living) as editors. I participate in and enjoy several online editing discussion groups and have established email relationships with some editors, but even a dedicated introvert like me enjoys real human contact now and then.

St. Louis, here I come!

Just as soon as I decide what to pack.

April 2, 2013

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