Finding My Place in a Changing World

In the past year, I have spent hours researching the current state of publishing as I try to determine the future and the direction of eDitmore Editorial Services. And I think I can say with absolute certainty that no one can say with absolute certainty what publishing will look like in 10 years.

The rise of ebooks, the demise of Borders and other booksellers, the increase in independent publishing, the decline of traditional publishers and drastic reductions in newspapers and magazines all demonstrate the volatility of the industry. Sometimes I think 2011 was a terrible time to start a business that—for now at least—relies mostly on printed material for survival.

But other days I look at the volatility and see fantastic opportunities. Because even though the medium is changing, the amount of words being produced and consumed every day is growing. Would-be authors are realizing that barriers to seeing their words in print—or digital readers—are lower than ever before. And although some of them may not know it yet, all authors need editors.

For now, the job of editors and independent publishers may be to convince authors of that fact. Melissa Foster and Amy Edelman recently posted a great article reminding authors of the importance of editors in an article posted on Indie If you have ever considered independently publishing, read this post first:


February 6, 2012

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Personally, I feel the editing process is the most important aspect of writing–it can be a nightmare if the editor and the writer are not on the same page. … Tammy knows what she is doing, she is easy… Read more
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