Writing and Editing Services

eDitmore Editorial Services provides:

  • Consultations and critiques
  • Proofreading
  • Copy editing
  • Developmental editing
  • Writing and rewriting

Consultations and Critiques

Have an idea for a book or a blog post or a journal article but don’t know where to start? Trying to decide whether to self-publish or look for a more traditional route? Do you have a rough draft but want to get a fresh set of eyes that will give you a more honest assessment than your best friend or your next-door neighbor might provide?

Contact Tammy Ditmore for a manuscript critique or consultation session. A critique includes a thorough reading of your manuscript and a full written report about its strengths and weaknesses. If you’re not ready for a critique—or you’re beyond that stage but stuck in another—Tammy will consult with you about your options. She can offer ideas about how to organize your material into a cohesive book or article, help you examine the pros and cons of self-publishing, or discuss many other aspects of writing or publishing.


In proofreading, we will correct errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, or formatting. Page numbers, Table of Contents entries, and all other elements will be cross-checked to ensure consistency.  We will not rewrite or offer input on your writing unless we note a glaring error. Proofreading is offered for websites, brochures, press releases, articles, books, and other printed or digital material.

Copy Editing

Copy editing includes all elements of proofreading and more. In copy editing, we will not only correct errors but also make suggestions about how to enhance your work by improving clarity, tone, transitions, and more while ALWAYS retaining your voice, your ideas, your style. We will also check facts, logic, tone, style, and consistency and offer suggestions based on your stated needs and preferred audience.

When copy editing longer works, we will create a style sheet to help make sure that Katherine does not become Catherine and that if you write about a website it will consistently remain a website instead of transforming into a Web Site or Website or Web-Site. In academic works, your citations and reference listings will be cross-checked, and we will work to ensure that your manuscript fits your publisher’s preferred style.

Developmental Editing

We can help you develop your ideas into a manuscript that will appeal to your ideal readers. Your text will be scoured for strengths and weaknesses that can be promoted or further developed so that your book or article will speak directly to your targeted audience.

Nonfiction authors are usually writing for a very particular audience. A scholarly monograph on Romantic poets and a how-to book on marketing are both nonfiction works, but they should appeal to very different types of readers, and they require very different textual elements. We can help you reach the readers you most want to see your work by helping you develop your tone, style, and organization.

Writing & Rewriting

 We write content for advertisements, websites, business reports, brochures, or other publications. And come to us if you need to energize a press release or revise an article for a different audience.


Contact Tammy to discuss how eDitmore Editorial Services can help make the most of your words.