Words Matter

Whether you are composing a three-page press release or a 300-page scholarly monograph, words are important. A poorly phrased paragraph or a badly organized book can confuse your readers. Typos and grammatical errors can undermine your credibility and overpower your ideas. We can help you shape and sharpen your words so that your finished work is polished, precise, and engaging.

Let Us Help

We focus on the details so you can concentrate on the ideas. As specialists in nonfiction, we offer critiques, consultations, developmental editing, copy editing, writing, and proofreading services. Whether you are creating a book, article, website, social media campaign, or annual report, contact eDitmore Editorial Services and ask how we can help you get the most out of your words.

Our Specialties

  • Christian and spiritual topics
  • Academic articles, books
  • How-to and instructional publications
  • Personal histories, current events
  • Content for businesses, organizations
  • Material on aging, Alzheimer's